Add-On Utility Token Packs - 500


Add-On Utility Token Packs – 500

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The Loly POPS Tokens are utility tokens used to access additional functionality on the Loly platform. These tokens are not investments, and purchasers understand that the purchase of the POPS tokens will only grant them access to the platform and to be able to purchase in-app upgrades on the platform. Loly Labs Inc does not intend to list the POPS tokens on any exchange, and in the future, POPS tokens may be used to purchase gifts in our planned marketplace but for now, are only used to unlock these planned features:

  • Membership Subscriptions and Day Passes
  • Privacy Enhancements
  • Voyeur Mode (Ultimate Privacy Mode)
  • SafeWord Monitoring
  • Verified Memberships
  • Background Checks
  • STD Health Records Verification
  • Matchmaker (AI)
  • Premium Matchmaking
  • Anonymous Gifting
  • VIP Security
  • Enhanced Proximity Zone (Expanded Geolocation)
  • Passive Safety Checks
  • Live Event Parties

In addition, by purchasing POPS tokens, buyers agree that they have read the white paper and understand that these tokens have no use outside of the platform at this time and that they will only buy a useful amount of tokens.

10000 in stock (can be backordered)

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Product Description

500 POPS Tokens

Purchase extra Loly POPS Tokens for added access to the platform, upgrades as well as reputation staking.

Do not purchase tokens for investment purposes. Only purchase a useful amount of tokens.

In order to receive POPS tokens, you will need a non-custodial ERC20 wallet that allows the addition of custom tokens. We recommend MetaMask or Trezor and have posted a blog on how to add POPS to your wallets.

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